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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I book?
    Please call or email Enchanted Sleepovers to confirm availability of your chosen theme. Once availability is confirmed, email stating your name, event date, time, theme, number of tents and any additional extras. No deposit is required. It's that easy! Complete a booking form to secure your booking. We will email this to you.
  • What is included in your tent packages
    Each theme comes with its own special touches and interactive item. Tents - We have two styles of tents. Your tents will be matched to your theme. Mattresses - No air beds. No deflating beds, just a comfy soft bed. We also have 3 sizes to help accomodate space Sheets Pillows Sheet Protectors Blankets - range of colours and sizes Cushions - in accordance with theme Bunting - not all themes. If your theme does not have a bunting, it will have lights in place of. Lights - either wrapped on tent or hanging in-between tents Item hanging from tent - Determined on theme: Dreamcatcher - Boards - or an item that belongs to the theme Breakfast Tray Flowers - not all themes Lighting object - Lantern - character light - Or what belongs to the theme Placemat Mini black board for name Some themes include character shaped cushions Birthday board cups & torches - camping and some gaming themes Soccer game - soccer theme Fortnight Mask - Fortnight Monthly special - please ask us what we have on offer. If you would like extra items added to your theme, charges apply. Our designs may differ from the image you see. This is mainly due to stock replacement, upgrades, or a special requests. Bespoke - Design is half the fun! however, it is time consuming and products do cost money. We kindly ask, please do not ask for new themes for your party to be designed and made for free. Or take the items after the party as they belong to Enchanted Sleepovers & Picnics. The cost of a new theme will be quoted and items required discussed with you before any purchases are made. Full payment for bespoke required before purchasing items. No refund per tent is offered for cancelled numbers. We have had many people tell us, it's our special touches that make us different.
  • How much space do I need for each tent?
    When measuring your teepee party space, please allow 1m wide x 1.85m long for each tent/foam mattress/tray table combination. It is also important to have a clear pathway for guests. If you are hiring the long tent they fit 5 mattresses comfortably next to each other. It must be able to fit in one long line.
  • What mattresses do you use?
    We have three varieties of foam: 160cm long 77cm wide 180cm long 91cm wide 170cm long 90cm wide We always use mattress protectors with our mattresses. Please contact us to discuss mattress options. For safety reasons we do not use any inflatable bedding. It isn't fun pumping up mattresses in the middle of the night. When creating a special event, you deserve the best.
  • How long is set-up and styling?
    Please allow approximately 2 hours (depending upon theme and number of tents) to set-up the sleepover area. Collection is faster.
  • Are pillows included?
    Yes, we have 20 feather pillows with high quality covers.
  • Can we mix themes?
    Absolutely, the opportunities are endless. Contact us to discuss your design ideas, to mix up elements of our themes, and make your own creations. We also allow of mix of themes in each party pack from our existing range. We can provide multiple themes to keep all party guests happy.
  • Can adults sleep in the tents?
    They sure can! We use high quality, full sized single mattresses, not air mattresses. So you don't have to worry about the bed deflating during the night. Our tents are also higher than most, making them comfortable for party goers of all ages.
  • Do you clean everything after each party?
    Most definitely. We clean and sanitise all items after every party to ensure optimal levels of hygiene for all of our customers.
  • Is there a bond?
    Yes. There is a $100 bond which will be included on your invoice. This is refunded once the items have been checked and collected. Unfortunately, the cost for replacement of any lost, broken or damaged items may be deducted from the bond. Any bookings of over 10 tents or picnic attendees will be charged a $200 bond.
  • When is payment due?
    Full payment is due seven (7) days prior to your event. Bank details will be provided in the invoice. Your party is not confirmed until payment and booking form have been received
  • When do you deliver and pick up?
    Our travel and set up time is 8.00am - 2.00pm Our travel and collection time is 9.00am - 12.00pm We will try our very best to meet your preferred times of delivery or pickup. However, due to stock requirements we may not be able to offer you a request. If you book a party, please ensure you have someone available at your home during set-up and collection times. We will contact you on the Wednesday before your party to confirm a 2 hour delivery window. Please be aware, we have multiple party bookings in our schedule for set up and pick up. To accommodate travel time across various locations, we schedule party set ups and pick ups according to the location of each booking on any given date. If you require a specific set up or pick up time you MUST notify us no less than 10 days prior to your party booking. Failure to do so will result in a $50 fee to cover additional travel costs.
  • What do I need to have ready for Enchanted Sleepovers arrival and collection?
    For our safety, please inform us if you have an un-sealed driveway, steep driveway, no parking access, street only parking (you are required to pay parking or allow us use of a parking ticket) or live in unit with a long narrow driveway. We kindly ask you keep the driveway free for us to reverse or drive in with a trailer & vehicle. We love to see where the tents will be setup first. We will discuss how they will be placed, and it's an opportunity for the birthday child to have an input into how they vision their party to look. Please keep walkway free while we carry the bulky items inside and outside. We know it's all very exciting to have your set-up take place. We ask that all children and animals are away from the space while we set-up and pack-up. If you have stairs higher than 5 please have your person ready to help. When it is time for pick-up, please return all hire items to the tent area and then leave the rest to us! We will fold up and pack away all items.
  • Are there any Terms and Conditions?
    Yes. You can request these at any time. They will be emailed with your invoice. Please ensure you read the Terms and Conditions/Hire Agreement in full prior to paying your invoice. Payment will be considered acceptance of the Terms and Conditions.
  • Do you have insurance?
    Yes! Safety is a priority for us. We have full Public Liability Insurance.
  • Stairs and accessibility charges
    Stairs - The equipment is heavy and bulky. It is not safe for one person to carry items on their own. Charges will apply as a second staff member will need to assist. Or you will be responsible for helping with the equipment, both up and down flights of stairs. It is written in the Booking Form that you must advise of stairs, unfortunately, if this is not declared, your party will be cancelled as time as not been allocated for transporting items up flights of stairs. Or a person to support the transfer up and down the stairs has not been arranged. Accessibility - We will arrive in a large vehicle (longer than most utilities) towing a trailer. Space will need to be provided for reversing or driving into your driveway. Doors and gates do need to be opened, it would be best not to have the delivery car squeeze next to cars in a driveway. Street parking is not safe due to pulling out items with backs to on coming traffic. Some Councils will not allow street parking. Parking across the road will not be suitable. Setup will not commence if suitable parking is not provided. Long unsealed driveways - Please disclose if you have a long driveway or unsealed. This way a suitable driver can be arranged. Homes with long driveways that vehicles are not accessible might not be suitable as equipment can not be carried for long lengths. This also incudes unit blocks where the home is the back of the unit blocks. We may not be able to setup your party if preparations are not in place. Large homes - If we are required to carry items through a large above average sized home where setup is down the very end of your home, fees will apply, starting from $30. Why do we do this? Your setup will take longer than normal and the extra charge is for our time. Deduction from bond will occur if not disclosed during your booking. We want your party experience to be a memorable one. All the logistics are part of making sure we deliver the perfect party. Please discuss any concerns and we will work with you to ensure delivery goes smoothly and safely for everyone. So far we've made every tricky location work!
  • Weather
    As we all know, our summers are very hot! This has caused some hold ups with getting stock inside to setup. Especially those big 45 degree days we have had. Winter - Rain! Roads can be slippery and dangerous, this can also cause some delays during delivery. Unloading in the rain, we do everything possible to keep your items dry. We might need to wait in between down pours. Communication is the key. We will let you know if we experience any delays.
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