Slumber Party Tent Themes

We love designing slumber party tents that create a magical experience for friends to share, laugh and enjoy together. Sleepover teepee parties that strengthen friendships and create special memories. Scroll down to view our latest range.


Enchanted Rainbows

 Slumber Party

Bright and beautiful rainbow slumber party tents with colourful dreamcatcher style decorations, sequinned bunting and 2 decorative cushions. Each sleepover teepee includes twinkle lights and a breakfast tray table with individual tea light lanterns, placemat, popcorn and serviette.


Cute purple and pink unicorns and a happy birthday light up box complete the look for this sleepover teepee hire.

Sweet Dreams Slumber Party

Soft purple and grey tones with floral hoops, handmade bunting, rose garlands and butterfly quilt covers make these sleepover tents beautiful. 

Each tent has two decorative cushion and breakfast tray table with floral placemat, golden tea light, flowers, popcorn and serviette

 Boho Dreams

 Slumber Party

Boho Dreams is soft and beautiful. It features gorgeous feather patterned slumber party tents with bunting with lights between each sleepover teepee. Each tent has it's own dreamcatcher, boho inspired decorative cushion and breakfast tray table with placemat, light and flowers. Perfect for a special birthday teepee sleepover. Also included, but not pictured, is a Happy Birthday light up box, popcorn and serviettes.

Burgundy and Gold Slumber Party 

Rich burgundy sleepover teepees with gold bunting, gold sequin cushions and handmade gold and black decorations above each tent.

Each slumber party package also includes breakfast tray tables with placemat, crystal scatters, gold tea light, serviette and popcorn. 

A happy birthday sign (not pictured) is also included. 


Unicorns and Rainbows

Slumber Party 

Unicorns and Rainbows is a gorgeous mix of rainbow and unicorn patterned slumber party tents. Featuring gold bunting, 2  decorative cushions, dreamcatcher style decorations and twinkle lights. Unicorn placemats, tea light lanterns, flowers, serviettes and popcorn are included on the breakfast tray table in front of the sleepover teepees. 


Also included (not pictured) is a Happy Birthday light up box to help celebrate that special birthday.

Available to hire for 3 or more sleepover teepees.

Unicorns and Sparkles Slumber Party Tents

Our Unicorns and Sparkles slumber party teepees feel like your stepping into a fairly tale. Soft pastel tents with pink and gold tulle unicorn fabric, glitter unicorns above each tent, twinkle lights, unicorn silhouette cushions and plush unicorns make these slumber party tents magical. 

Ballet Dreams Slumber Party

These slumber party tents are very pretty with soft tones and gorgeous details. Each sleepover teepee has diamond patterned fabric, a ballerina silhouette cushion and handmade ballet inspired decoration. Handmade bunting with an acrylic baroque crystals hangs between the tents. Choose between lighting between each tent or twinkle lights around the entrance to each tent. 


Golden tea light holders, a ballet placemat, acrylic crystals, popcorn and serviette sit on each breakfast tray table in front of your sleepover teepee.

A decorated happy birthday light up box (not pictured) makes the area special for the birthday child.

Tropical Dreams Slumber Party Tents

Choose between lily, tropical foliage or a mixture of both fabrics to create your tropical slumber party tents. The slumber party teepees are decorated with hibiscus, ribbon and vine bunting, pineapples/flamingoes, twinkle lights and pineapple and flamingo cushions.


In front of each slumber party tent sits a breakfast tray table with a tropical placemat, golden tea light, serviette and popcorn.


Each package includes a happy birthday light (not pictured).



Slumber Party

Contrasting grey and green camouflage slumber party tents with black camouflage netting. Each sleepover teepee has two fun decorative cushions, torches and individual light boxes to make this cool sleepover teepee area.


Your package also includes a happy birthday light up box.

Available to hire for 3 to 8 guests.

Favourite Things

Slumber Party 


Design your own slumber party tents! 

Choose your favourite slumber party tent fabric, cushions and accessories from our range to personalise your sleepover teepees.

Please note, this is subject to availability.


I highly recommend Enchanted Sleepovers, beautiful decoration and attention to detail with awesome customer service. My daughter and her friends had a ball! Thank you Peta.

Emma, via Facebook

We love creating magical kids slumber  parties  with  our  tents. The  tents create a special place for  guests  to share, laugh, relax  and be  together long into the night - creating special  memories  and strengthening friendships. 

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