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 Slumber Party Tent Themes

We love designing slumber party tents that create a magical experience for friends to share, laugh and enjoy together. Sleepover  parties that strengthen friendships and create special memories. Scroll down to view our latest range.

Current Tent Themes: Feature

List of our Themes

  • Boho   - OUR MOST POPULAR                                              

  • Boho with a Twist of Colour 

  • Enchanted Rainbows

  • Sweet Dreams

  • Enchanted Galaxy 

  • Unicorns & Rainbows

  • Purrrfect Slumber

  • Art & Craft - Only one in Perth 

  • Sports - AUGUST 2023

  • Sunflowers 

  • Wizard World 

  • Gaming 

  • Minecraft

  • Fortnight

  • Mario - limited numbers

  • Jungle 

  • Tropical

  • Soccer 

  • Mermaid - This style is made for up to 4 children to lay under the same extra large tent 





We now have pamper packs and paint packages available!

Don't see what you are looking for? Please just ask, we have lots of decorations, cushions and tent colours available. 

Boho Dreams

Our Boho is beautiful and soft with lace tents. Also, available with  

  • Light globe Buntings 

  • Rose Garland

  • Dreamcatchers

  • Beautiful Cushions - silver or gold (silver pictured)

  • Breakfast Tray 

  • Tealights with Gold Lantern

  • Decorative Flowers or Drink Jar

  • Blanket

*This design may change subject to availability and styling.

Boho Dreams with a Colourful Twist

This beautiful design comes with our lace tents, plus another colour of choice.

It comes with all the designing items as Boho Dreams. 


  • Turquoise 

  • Pink

  • Purple - Pictured below 

  • Blue - One version pictured above

  • Yellow 

  • Green 

  • Gold 

  • Rose Gold 

Please ask us if you have a different colour of choice

20221105_100359 (2).heic

Enchanted Rainbows

Bright and beautiful rainbow slumber party tents

  • with chalk board clouds to personalise each tent,

  • Gold bunting 

  • Decorative cushions

  • Each sleepover tent includes twinkle lights

  • Breakfast tray with individual lantern, bucket and placemat.

*Fleece Blanket also available  


Purrrrrfect Slumber

Sweet Dreams 

Is a gorgeous pink/white/teal tent. Also available with feather designed tent. 

  • Handmade bunting

  • Lights 

  • Rose garlands

  • Blanket 

  • Cushions

  • Breakfast Tray

  • Lanterns

  • Placemat 



Enchanted Galaxy

Black and royal blue tents, light tents. Each tent has lights all over the tent to represent stars. We are one of a kind with this style. 

  • Space gazers

  • Space lantern (birthday child)

  • Star bubbles

  • Light bunting represent the moon

  • Cushions 

  • Breakfast Tray

  • Placemat

  • Blanket


*Tent colours and cushions vary with this theme




Enchanted Black & White

Enchanted Black & White is filled with class and beauty. 

  • Light garland

  • Lace wraps 

  • Start and love heart shaped decorations on the front of each tent 

  • Cushions 

  • Lanterns

  • Breakfast Tray

  • Flowers 

  • Blankets

Please note - This theme does vary between set-ups  


Tropical Dreams 

Choose between lily, tropical foliage or a mixture of both fabrics to create your tropical slumber party tents.


  • The slumber party tents are decorated with hibiscus 

  • Vine bunting

  • Twinkle lights - If not using light globe bunting

  • Pineapple and flamingo cushions

  • Breakfast Tray

  • Lantern 

  • Coconut Bowl

  • Leaf Placemat

  • Light Globe bunting 

  • Cushions 

  • Blanket 

*We use a variety beautiful items for this theme. Image you see may not be exact each time we setup. 




We have a variety of gaming themes.

  • Gaming (pictured)​

  • Minecraft

  • Fortnight

  • Mario


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