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Full Set-up Service

 Minimum hire is 3 tents. We can do parties of more than 10 tents - just ask!

$160 for 3 tents

$190 for 4 tents

$220 for 5 tents

$250 for 6 tents

$280 for 7 tents

$310 for 8 tents

$340 for 9 tents

$370 for 10 tents

Delivery is calculated from our location in Byford

Delivery 0kM -20km is  $20

Delivery 21km -31km is $35

  Delivery 36km -45km is $55

Delivery 45 km and over. Please contact for quote.

Bespoke Slumber Party Tent Packages  - additional $50 for every four tents, per party.

We have no deposit booking system. To enquire about your date please fill in the contact form. Or send us an email

Note about stairs

Due to the large, heavy and bulky items we use, we are able to carry items one flight of stairs (defined as 5 steps). If there are more stairs to your setup area please contact for options. 

Booking Forms with accessibility to your home will be required. Steep or unsealed driveways requiring 4WD access, driveways with no trailer access or street parking only. These help us to ensure we have the right vehicle and driver for your party. 

Scroll Down for Inclusions


Slumber Party Tent Inclusions

Each theme has gorgeous details, however all themes include 

  • Delivery, styling and collection of all hire items

  • Tents with covers 

  • High quality foam mattresses 

  • Feather pillows 

  • Mattress protectors

  • Fitted sheets

  • Blankets

  • Decorative cushions

  • Lights between tents or around the entrance to each tent

  • Tea light holders with LED tea lights or torches 

  • Individual breakfast tray tables 

  • Placemats

  • Happy Birthday Sign

  • Some themes require choice of decorations - we will ask your choice before the party date

Slumber Party Tent Sizes & How They Make Us Different 

How big are the slumber party tents?

Our handcrafted sleepover tents are comfortably sized for older children and adults to lay in. I often receive comments that our slumber party tents are larger than other companies. 


When measuring your teepee party space, please allow 1m wide and 185cm long per tent. This allows the tray table to sit in front of the tent. Please remember to include space for a clear pathway for guests to enter and exit the sleepover teepees safely.

Our slumber party tents are designed for indoor use only. 


Why Are We Different?

Although decoration and aesthetically pleasing designs are important to us, we also believe children's views on what adults see as beauty will often be very different. 

Children's creative expression is highly valued when we do a setup. We often take a variety of different items for the birthday child to choose from. It is their special day! We understand that not all themes can be dramatically changed, but we will try our best for those little special touches. If your child would like that, of course. 

Not everyone's homes are the same, our tents are your child's and their guests home for the night. What if their friend does not like a particular colour? Not all girls like pink and not all boys like blue! We will do our very best to meet all different likes and dislikes. If everyone wants to match, that is also great. We do love our setups when they are all the same - adults perspective. 

But is looks so busy! Yes, it might do to us, but to a child it is a form of creative expression and a way to immerse themselves into a world of imagination. They will remember their slumber party forever. 

What about sensory concerns? We are also aware some children do not feel comfortable with lots of colour, textures and bright lights. Our themes can be adjusted to meet those needs. Also, as each tent is bigger than most, children can sleep without the shorter tents above them. There is more room to move and they can pull their mattress out if they need their head to be out. We have put much thought into our tents being more than just decoration. 

Having bigger tents also allows for more than one child to sit under the tent. We have had some great feed back that this had made some children feel safe, especially if it's their first sleepover. Or it has made for some really great games such as board games and cards. 

What might look out of place for adults could be what makes a child's night a wonderful one. 

If you have any questions or concerns about the tents and their designs, please contact us for further information. We would be happy to discuss your child and their guests needs. 

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Our Reviews 

Highly recommend! We booked these ladies for my daughter's 10th birthday slumber party. Excellent and friendly customer service, beautiful set up, and lots of choices for theme. Competitive as don't need a minimum of 5 tents, and available on weekdays as well. Sian and Shardae could not have been more helpful. My daughter has given them 5 stars. Aggie - Google review 

Wonderful customer service. Both Shardae and Sharn really cared about every detail. Happy to recommend

Robyn - Google Review 

Highly recommended. I used their service for my daughter's 11th birthday party. It was beautiful and comfortable. Everything was as initially planned and my daughter had a great time. 

Orrit - Google Review 

Beautiful setup of the beds and tent decorations. Really considered practicality of what would be different for in regarding to lighting decor. The tealights were useful and the girls enjoyed having their own table to eat from. Beds were comfy and made them feel special. Set up was efficient and Sharn and Shardae were friendly and reliable. Would recommend to anyone looking for a wonderful sensory experience. 

Angela - Facebook Review 

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